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I Talked The Walk, And Here's Where It Got Me

There is nothing more rewarding than taking your own medicine and confirming that it works (really well!).

My clients know how diligent I am in making them do their homework: identify your strengths, work with them, build connections between skills that you have and those you want to develop, write stories (many!) about your accomplishments, practice talking about yourself and using these stories to illustrate your narrative.

People who work with me know that I share my journey with them with all transparency. I give them my tools and tell them my tricks. And all the things I teach in my sessions, I apply to my life.

Less than a year after leaving my full-time, well-paid job at Google NY, I was invited to become a co-host of one of the most important and beloved Journalism TV Shows in Brazil: the Manhattan Connection. I have a seat on the table next to Lucas Mendes, Caio Blinder, Diogo Mainardi, and Bruno Corano, who, like me, is also joining this 30-year-old team.

What does it have to do with STORY?

Well, STORY made it happen. My story, how I share it, and how I connect with people through it brought me to this place, and I am deeply grateful.

So, if you’re still thinking about the benefits of working on your story, think no more. Reach out to me, and let’s make things happen to you!

P.S. In my last post I celebrated 1,200 subscribers in my YouTube channel. Now I have over 18,000 subscribers! Yay!

Picture: Downloaded from Ricardo Feltrin's announcement post.

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