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Storytelling is the most important skill in 2024

This is my first post of 2024, so I still have the right to wish you a great new year. Do not judge me.

Last week, I was talking to a client about career transition as they want to promote some internal mobility in their company. As we spoke, I realized how I have completely changed in 2023. In only ONE YEAR, I went from being a Global Business Executive working in Ad Tech to becoming an entrepreneur, a coach, a speaker, and a TV host. Phew!

And if you add the layer of "doing it all in a foreign country, and most of it in a second language," it spices things up a bit more.

But here I am. I survived. Moreso, I am happier than I've ever been.

That made me think about how I really want to share more about career transition and how storytelling is the perfect tool to make it happen. In fact, it is the main tool to make most things happen, as most things we do are about relationships and effective communication.

I read a recent article by Scott Galloway where he talks about storytelling as the skill he suggests kids learn to compete in the modern economy. If you have not read it, I encourage you to do so. I felt truly excited about that article. I'm not alone. It's not only me thinking that way. I'm in the company of the one and only Professor Galloway.

Storytelling changed my life when I craved a change.

Then, storytelling became my business.

I hope we stay connected in 2024 so I can inspire you with some of my learnings and my clients' amazing stories.

As I always ask: What is YOUR story? Leave me a comment so we can chat.

And if you want to get updates about STORY (there's a lot of stuff coming out this year!), just fill out this very short form, and we will write some chapters together.


P.S. Link to Scott Galloway's article.


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