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I developed a methodology that uplevels your storytelling skills, 
so you will be able to sell anything to anyone, including "selling yourself" to your next employee or business. 

Storytelling took me from a corporate career to an even more successful one. I am currently the only female host of the TV Show Manhattan Connection, which has been out in Brazil for 30 years. I am also a successful speaker and coach with a unique approach: I was a corporate executive for 30 years, meaning...
 I know the drill!


Companies wishing to design an Inclusive Culture reach out to me.
While building cu
ltural bridges, I support your teams in mastering self-promotion and selling skills.


STORY offers a series of bespoke programs and sessions focused on each individual and their interaction with the whole. And I do the same for companies because the whole is better when each one of its parts is integral.

Working with you, we will rewrite, retell, and expand your narrative so you will have a WINNER STORY to use towards your most ambitious goals.

Sil Curiati is on stage talking about innovation.
Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 3.56.56 PM.png
Sil Curiati wears a light gray jacket and looks at the camera.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, I have always enjoyed exploring the world and its different cultures.  

After graduating in Advertising, I lived in Miami for four years, where I had the chance to work in genuinely multicultural markets and learn to speak Spanish and cook.
I also fell in love with Ballroom Dancing and ended up competing in 11 categories.  

In my almost 30 years of journey in Digital, CRM, and Advertising, I led teams and transformed brands and their relationships with consumers in agencies, advertisers, and publishers such as Ogilvy, JWT, Editorial Televisa, Rapp Collins, Vésper/Bell Canada, and for eight years at Google, in NY and Brazil. I have also worked in consulting, managing relationships with leading brands from end to end.

This reflects my passion for learning about human behavior, defying standards, and looking to create better and more inclusive cultures. I am constantly studying. Hyper Island's Design Thinking and Innovation course and Psychology at Harvard, where I am pursuing a Master's degree, are some of my favorites.

I'm an illustrator, contribute to websites, I've been a blogger with a published book, am a podcaster, I've had my own column in a magazine, owned a floral decor and bridal bouquet business, and carry some fun stories about approaching celebrities and engaging them in conversations. I am the only woman presenter of Manhattan Connection, a beloved TV News show in Brazil. 

I train and prepare people worldwide to invest in their aspirations, achieve leadership positions, and improve their stories and how they present them.

I provoke and facilitate conversations about Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion, proposing new chapters to brand stories and bringing a broader view and a global approach to companies' speeches.

Today I live in a beautiful house in Rockaway, NJ, with my husband, Clineu, and our two wonderful rescue dogs: Ringo and Bella.

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