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Some brands I worked with

Filling Up Your Cup

A workshop dedicated to Google's Global Women ERG, where we discussed women as permanent givers and what behavioral changes we need to commit to in order to take care of ourselves. It is a highly engaging group session, with tremendous feedback!

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Women in Career Transition

Talk and workshop covering three main points to keep in mind while changing paths: you always have a choice, brain plasticity + broken algorithms, and the biases and the words you use in your story. Over 150 C-level women were present.

Boosting the Brand's Story

Graham-Windham does a tremendous job in caring for families and the youth, as well as their employees. It is very challenging to recruit for a non-profit, so we worked on improving the story that is told, ensuring we capture all the power and love that has been fostered for over 200 years.

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Entrepreneurs Over 50

This was the first of a series of sessions targeted at women over 50 who decided to build their own businesses. We worked with them to create the right mindset that would lead them to success. In over two hours we discussed several topics, from the imposter phenomenon to the best sales approaches for different audiences.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Talk and workshop for 200+ leaders from all over the globe, on the power of embedding innovation in all things we do: from our daily interactions to our deliverables, how to guarantee everyone is open and ready to contribute.

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Brands Sil has worked with - logos


Personal stories, brand stories, stories of innovation, legacy, and transformation are just some of the areas covered in these talks. Our goal is to inspire and ignite the flame that has been missing in your sales pitches, regardless of what you are selling.


From training teams to supporting women and historically underrepresented groups to overcome the imposter phenomenon, we have worked with companies all over the globe and delivering a top-quality experience.

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