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Feeling lucky?

Yesterday I felt really lucky.

When I left Google in January this year, I told some people that one of the things I'd miss the most would be to meet with the GCAS Women group.

The environment those women created is unique.

They are, at the same time, fierce, powerful executives, and caring human beings, who make it easy for anyone to connect, share, and collaborate.

That group was my happy place, and I miss being around them.

Now back to how lucky I am.

Yesterday, the GCAS Women group had their annual onsite event at Google, and I was invited to deliver my special 3 Energies workshop, which is very transformational, and one of my favorites.

Luck, to me, means being able to exchange with those you admire, and participate in their journeys. And for that, I am thankful.

Special thanks to Neha Dakwala-Shah, who is one of the best leaders I've worked with, and Lexi Schiano Bellas and Mitra Nataraj for the discussions, the detailed brief, and for making it happen.


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