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Mar 25, 2024 - Nov 25, 2024

Sell More, Lead Better, and Change Your Life With Storytelling

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Sobre o Programa

The Sell More, Lead Better, and Change Your Life with Storytelling is a 10-session online program that you can take whenever it suits you. It will be available for 35 weeks, so you don't have to hurry (although I strongly recommend that you keep the pacing and use the remaining time to review some of the topics). It covers: - Persuasion - Leadership - Sales - Confidence - Self-esteem - Your voice - Your words - The art of saying NO - Presence - Networking and relationships - Getting what you want, among other things All based on Psychology, Neuroscience, and 30 years of corporate career. My TALK the WALK ™ methodology gives you the right tools to ACE: - Assertive and Appreciated: ask for the money you want and get people to love to hear you! ​ - Confident and Compelling: overcome the imposter phenomenon and show your value!​ - Engaging and Effective: win any audience and reach your goals!




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