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Learn to talk your walk.


What is your STORY?™️

Here's mine.

I've loved stories since I was little. Bedtime stories always kept me awake and wanting more.  

To this day, one of my favorite hobbies is listening to stories of all kinds: real, brave, humorous, heroic, troubled. And whenever the outcome is not satisfying, I reframe its parts and mentally rewrite it until it gets to a better, fresher place where new approaches can be leveraged.

I believe in WINNER STORIES. I've been doing this for brands for over 25 years, and since 2015 I've been applying this knowledge and experience to 1:1 and teamwork as well.


I developed a methodology that uplevels your storytelling skills, so you will be able to sell anything to anyone, including "selling yourself" to your next employee. 
I also help companies wishing to design an Inclusive Culture.


STORY is a series of bespoke programs and sessions focused on each individual
and their interaction with the whole. And I do the same for companies.
Because the whole is better when each one of its parts is integral.

Working with you we will rewrite, retell and expand your narrative, so you will have
a WINNER STORY to use towards your most ambitious goals.

STORY DevX is a group class experience that will boost your confidence and change the way you tell your story.
2 classes starting this Fall! 

Services Menu

Investing in yourself and in your STORY


PERSONAL BRANDING: Build your powerful story
and learn how to share it with different
audiences in the most compelling way


STORYTELLING: Review and perfect your narrative style while learning techniques that will improve the way you tell your stories 


COACH & TRAINING: Integration, inclusion, storytelling, multicultural teams challenges, workshop facilitation, Inclusive Culture Design


PRESENTATION SKILLS: Your presence–eyes, gestures, voice, posture–say more than your
words, so learn how to make the best out of it 


CULTURAL FIT: Being successful in one culture
does not make you succeed in others; overcoming cultural gaps is the key to grow


and events, about culture, DEI, storytelling,
women, and our relationship to power

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