A whole new S*T*O*R*Y

I've loved stories since I was little. Bedtime stories always kept me awake and wanting more.  

One of my favorite hobbies is still listening to stories of all kinds: real, brave, humorous, heroic, troubled.  And while they don't have a satisfying outcome, I keep reframing their parts and mentally rewriting them until I get to a better place where I can start fresh and take some new approaches to carry on.

I've been doing this with brands for over 25 years, and since 2015 I've been applying this knowledge and experience to 1:1 work as well.  


That's how I built S*T*O*R*YStrong * Talented * Original * Remarkable * You.

I develop a series of programs and activities focused on each individual and their interaction with the whole.
And I do the same for companies.
Because the whole is better when each one of its parts is integral.

Working with you we will rewrite, retell and expand your story so it will be there for you to use it and achieve your goals.


Investing in your S*T*O*R*Y


Personal Branding, Presentation training, Storytelling, Public Speaking workshop, Career Shift coaching are among the most sought after topics.

Presentation, Storytelling & Public Speaking trainings, Executive Cultural Fit and other activities that boost the confidence of your team members.


For those who just want to hear my story or any other talks, keynotes and panels. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.