Sil Curiati (she/her)

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, I have always flirted with the idea of exploring the world and its different cultures.  

After graduating in Advertising, I lived in Miami for 4 years, where I had the chance to work in truly multicultural markets, as well as learning to speak Spanish and cooking (which is still one of my favorite hobbies). I also fell in love with Ballroom Dancing,
and I ended up competing (and winning!) in 11 categories.  

I have more than 25 years of journey in Digital, CRM and Advertising, leading teams and transforming brands and their relationships with consumers in agencies, advertisers and publishers such as Ogilvy, JWT, Editorial Televisa, Rapp Collins, Vésper/Bell Canada, and today at Google NY. I have also worked in consulting, managing relationships with leading brands from end to end.

This reflects my passion for learning about human behavior, defying standards in pursuit of making the world a better place. I am constantly studying. Hyper Island's Design Thinking and Innovation course and Psychology at Harvard are some of my favorites.

I'm an illustrator, contribute to websites, I've been a blogger with a published book,

I've had podcasts, my own column in a magazine, owned a floral decor and bridal bouquet business, and I carry some fun stories about approaching celebrities (and engaging them in conversations!).

Nowadays I have been focusing a lot of my work on Women, our aging process and our relationship to power and our careers.
I also discuss beauty and other behavior matters related to it on Instagram.

I train and prepare people around the world to invest in their aspirations, achieve leadership positions and improve their stories and the way they present them.

I continue working with brands, facilitating conversations about Culture, Diversity and Inclusion and proposing new chapters to their stories, bringing a broader view and a global approach to their speeches.

I currently live in a beautiful house in Rockaway, NJ, with my husband Clineu and our chatty little wolf, Ringo.