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Service Description

The individual format is ideal for those who want to discuss particular topics of interest and develop new skills. Some examples of Individual work that I currently deliver to my clients are: - Development of your Personal Brand: You are a complex human being and should not want to bring just one little piece of that interesting person to work. By working together we will identify your strengths and super powers and will bring them together in a compelling way that reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived. - Presentation Consultancy: I can help you put together that important presentation and train you to be the best speaker ever. - Storytelling: It is all about STORIES! You want to be able to influence people through your speech, so we will practice ways of becoming a natural and compelling storyteller. - Leadership Coaching: Wether you work in a corporation, or you started your own business, leadership is a key skill to help you achieve your goals. I help you overcome barriers (such as the Imposter Syndrome) and set you up for higher goals. - Interviews and Meetings: This is a very common request as everyone wants to be their best in interviews and meetings. I help you prepare for those through several techniques that include presentation, storytelling, thought leadership and charisma.

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