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Single or packaged 1:1 interactions. The individual format is ideal for anyone who wants to discuss a particular subject, a specific presentation or develop skills.

Personal Brand Development

You are a complex human being and you shouldn't bring just one of your interesting dimensions to work. Together we will identify your strengths and superpowers and bring them together in an engaging and compelling way that reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived.

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Leadership Coaching

Leadership is a key competency for anyone who has goals and targets, whether they are investing in their own business or working
in a corporation.
I help you overcome barriers (like the Imposter Syndrome, for example) and set you for bigger goals and achievements.

Presentation Consultancy

I help you put together that important presentation and train you to deliver it in the best possible way.  

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It is all about STORIES! Influencing people through your speech is a very important skill. We will practice different ways of telling your story and exercise with resources that will transform you into a natural and engaging storyteller.


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This practice has been in increasing demand as we all want to show our best at job interviews and at important meetings.
I prepare you for these moments using a variety of presence-enhancing techniques, including storytelling, presentation, thought leadership, and charisma.

Interviews and Meetings

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