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In just 150 minutes you will learn how to tell a story that SELLS

The TALK the WALK ™ methodology quickly improves your self-promotion skills and ability to sell your products and services

When you follow the quick and easy steps Sil teaches in this 150-minute session,
you automatically improve your selling power!


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Sil Curiati is a highly-rated speaker and accomplished seller with extensive experience as a Global Executive in large companies such as Google, JWT, Ogilvy, and Editorial Televisa, among others.
Her talent for telling stories that inspire and drive action is unparalleled. 
Her sessions are genuinely transformational, people leave her classes feeling empowered and ready to put the learnings into action.

The TALK the WALK ™ methodology gives you the right tools to ACE:

Assertive and Appreciated: ask for the money you want and get people to love to hear you

Confident and Compelling: overcome the imposter phenomenon and show your value 
Engaging and Effective: win any audience and reach your goals

"It was life changing! It's empowering to see other people going through the same issues and getting them sorted out right away".

L.B. Ad Executive, CT

"Sil builds a safe environment where we all feel good about sharing. And as we share, we see the magic happening".

D.P., Retail Executive, AR

“Hands down this is the best course I've ever taken. It dramatically changed the way I talk about myself and my business".

P.P., Entrepreneur, BR


Have your own
STORY, ready to sell

Be able to GET RID
of your insecurities

Be prepared to SPEAK
UP about yourself
and your business

Be ready to build
a WINNING SALES strategy

And to make it Even More Incredible,
when you Sign Up you get Free Bonuses!

Free 15-minute 1:1 with Sil 

You will have the chance to share your concerns and struggles and get Sil's coaching, in a private Zoom session.

Imposter Phenomenon Killers

Free and magical resource that will become your go-to place whenever you feel bad about yourself. It is the perfect confidence booster for everyday ups and downs.

Sil's List of Links

Sil keeps an extensive list of resources that includes books, videos, courses, articles, and all things that inspire her everyday, and she will share it with you!

ACE+ Attract Core Energy

You will have exclusive access to Sil's video ACE+, Attract Core Energy: she shows you how you have the power to create your own reality and achieve what you desire.

Here's Everything You Get By Signing Up

1: Tools to ACE: Become Assertive and Appreciated, Confident and Compelling, Engaging and Effective - Value $ 3,899

2: Have Your Own STORY, Ready to Sell - Value $ 7,199

3: 15-minute 1:1 With Sil - Value $ 699

4: Sil's List of Links - Value $ 2,999

5: Imposter Phenomenon Killers - Value $ 2,999

6: ACE+ Attract Core Energy Video -
 Value $ 3,999

TOTAL VALUE: $ 21,794
$ 1,799  $ 179

Single one-time payment. No hidden charges or recurring fees.


This offer is for limited time only. Price may increase without further notice.
Sign up now to guarantee the U$ 179 price. 

Results depend on your effort, and may differ according to your education, background, experience, and other specific conditions. 

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